Advantages of the mobile internet

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February 5, 2020
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February 21, 2020
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Advantages of the mobile internet

The use of search engines via mobile internet is becoming increasingly popular. The latest achievement of search engines are the so-called SEO apps.

These small programs are there so that websites in the search engine ranking appear in the unpaid search results in higher places and are therefore easier to find.
Search engine optimization examines the techniques of the web crawlers and sorting algorithms of a search engine. However, these techniques are changed by the search engine operators at short intervals and only partially disclosed to make abuse more difficult. Another option for optimization is the selection of the most suitable search terms. Here you often use the freely available keyword databases. In addition, the SEO app can be used to easily and easily analyze users' mobile internet usage behavior.

Seo apps

There are now numerous useful SEO apps for the iPhone, with which you can get an overview of current domain key figures and rankings on the go. The next section introduces some SEO apps that are available from iTunes, among others.

SEO diver

This app provides website operators with free numbers on the visibility of a domain in the search results of well-known search engines. The app outputs the domain in three key figures: the search range, the search perception and the statistical visibility. The search range gives information about the performance in the past months. The search perception shows possible impressions in the search range and the statistical visibility shows how prominently the selected domain is represented in the search results for a cross-section of 500,000 keywords.


SEO-Stats provides a quick overview of the most important values ​​of a domain. These include: page rank, number of pages indexed by Google, Yahoo links, domain age, Wikipedia links and much more. When this app is called up, the user first sees a selection screen on which the user not only enters the selected domain, but can also use the slider to reduce the required key figures.

SEO Search Ranking

This app monitors the rankings of certain keywords for a domain.

In order to be able to use these and other apps sensibly, an internet flat and an internet-compatible smartphone is recommended.

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