Adwords trick to find out which are the best ads

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April 27, 2020
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Adwords trick to find out which are the best ads

Let's talk about AdWords and keyword advertising , a very competitive and strategic web marketing sector for most online marketing campaigns. Precisely thanks to its characteristics (accuracy of the message conveyed, speed of response and the possibility of being used also in a sporadic and targeted way) that make it an almost symbiotic tool with other web marketing techniques (such as optimization for natural results , the 'email marketing, social media marketing ), pay per click has seen its popularity grow rapidly and consequently the competitiveness and the average prices of the keywords.

Some particularly competitive product sectors have reached prices for stellar keywords , so much so that one wonders how they can be sustainable at a business level costs per click of 10, 20 or 30 dollars per click.

The recent changes to the AdWords Quality Score have made the situation a little complicated: with the disappearance of the minimum bid and the modification of the evaluation mechanism, advertisers now have less information about competition than other ads; the quality of the offer is calculated at the single keyword level at the same time as the user's search, and therefore cannot be calculated a priori.

So how can you optimize your campaigns scientifically? The best recipe is always to take an example from the best . The best marketers usually work in the most competitive sectors, and the most sophisticated techniques are put in place. Let's take a cue from them!

The trick to discover the best ads

I learned about this technique by reading some American blogs, in particular Perry Marshall's blog. We are well aware that the position of an ad compared to the others that offer for the same keyword is decided by a combination of the price per click offered and the quality score .

Position = CPC x Quality Score

At the same offer price then, if our ad gets a better score, it will be shown higher, which means a greater number of clicks available at the same price.

Not being able to know the offer of our competitors (once upon a time there was the Overture tool, but it's gone: – /), how can we know if whoever is at the top of the results has a good score or is simply offering a lot for each click ? Simply by making a selection with a high number of searches.

In fact, for highly competitive keywords, many ads will be shown (sometimes even seven or eight pages of sponsored ads): by repeating the search many times (click on search, search and again search) for the same keyword, you will notice that the most part of them gradually disappear , and only a narrow selection still remains visible as a result after numerous repeated searches: those ads enjoy the best quality ratio in the eyes of Google, and probably deserve to be studied thoroughly, including landing pages.

Seeing is believing!

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