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May 5, 2020
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Brands are ready for Viral Videos

A research carried out by Feed Company , based on interviews with 40 managers of the best American communication agencies between August 1 and September 12, 2019, finds the following:

  • The executives of the agencies surveyed say that 72.1% of their customers have an interest in integrating viral videos into their marketing plan , while the remaining 27.9% are moderately so.

As many as 86% of the agencies that participated in the survey, in fact, made at least one viral video in the current year.

The results obtained seem to confirm the positive attitude towards this communication strategy: among the brands that have relied on viral video, only 2.3% did not consider the results achieved satisfactory, against 32.6% who declare themselves ” Happy ” and 23.3% ” very happy ” .

Why viral video works

To the question of what was considered the greatest benefit brought about by the use of viral videos , the answers were:

  • low costs;
  • brand engagement, or the involvement of consumers in the life of the brand;
  • exponential visits;
  • online searches;
  • the brand's ability to be forward-looking.

Among these, the exponential increase in visits stands out , considered by 92.3% of the marketers interviewed to be the greatest benefit achieved; also considered “very beneficial” by 30.8% of the agencies that were able to see the results.

The video, spreading like a virus for the Net, increases the brand awareness ( brand awareness ). Once you bring new users to your space in an extremely intelligent way, however, it will be important to offer them something interesting, which they encourage you to stay on the site and come back later. A technique that therefore needs, more than any other, to be integrated into a communication plan.

Convert visitors into customers

The landing page, or the user's landing page, therefore has a decisive role in achieving the results that the brand aims to achieve . The more the video will be inherent to the object of the page, the more the brand's offers will take on value, remaining imprinted in the minds of the users and making the original, enterprising and “nice” brand appear.

According to you in Italian brands I am ready for the viral video or still live in the uncertainty of the “you know what you leave, you do not know what they are”?

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