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Instagram, the increasingly popular service for sharing photos from the iPhone and very soon from the Android, informed Techcrunch at the beginning of the week that the application reached 5 million users and that currently around one million images are published daily. .

Instagram launched 8 years ago, during which time more than 100 million photos have been published. 2,500 apps currently have access to the Instagram API, and one of the most popular apps is Statigram , which translates your Instagram data into cool metrics, charts, and graphs, while my personal favorite is Instagallery for the iPad.

The biggest attraction of Instagram are its filters, which add up to ten so far, my favorite filters are X Pro II, Brannan and Hefe, although I must say that almost half of my photos do not have a filter, many times it is better to publish the original image.

Instagram photos have the sociability characteristic of every social network, of the million photos published daily, about 860 thousand are published simultaneously on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Posterous Tumblr and Foursquare. The country with the highest number of users is the United States, followed by Japan, Brazil and Spain, while Mexico is in ninth place.

Instagram has not registered income until now, the application is free and does not display advertising, however there are brands, among which are news agencies and fashion, which have already found a new promotion platform on Instagram.

Practical tips to be relevant on Instagram:

Good content. You do not have to be a photography expert to share good content on instagram, that the images you share are interesting to others, family photos, children, your dogs and cats will only be interesting for you, your family and friends very close, although maybe that's what you're looking for.


To get followers and “likes” on your photos you must socialize, mark the photographs that you like, follow the photographers that you like, mark with “like” photos from the popular section and popular “hashtags”.

Visit . It is much easier and faster to make comments and “likes” from this page, constant users publish their photos from their iPhone wherever they are, but visit this page to do other socializing activities, it is more agile and comfortable.


Remember to comment on photos that you like or intrigue. Likes are good, but you get more response and recognition when you make comments, they make a big difference.


Be sure to tag your photos. Like on Twitter, hashtags on Instagram are important to achieve greater visibility of your photos. See how popular images regularly have a hashtag, it is important that you add them in your photos. #iphoneography is one of the most popular tags (photos taken with your iPhone). Very soon there will be a hashtag for the photos that are taken with an Android to be published on Instagram.


Publish daily and at the best times. I am not a very constant user, but Gerardo publishes daily and with good results, he recommends posting images between 12 and 1 at noon and after 6 in the afternoon.

These tips are a bit like the ones given to be popular on Twitter, don't you think?

I do not think that whoever is popular on Twitter will necessarily be so on Instagram, there are people who, due to their profession and interests, such as photography, art and design, or simply interested in documenting their lives with photos, will be more passionate about Instagram (and other similar services) than on Twitter.

If you are an Instagram user tell us, why do you like Instagram and what use do you give it?
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