Search Engine Marketing for unknown products

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April 18, 2020
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Search Engine Marketing for unknown products

In recent years I even have convinced myself that the difference between knowledgeable SEM and an improvised one lies within the ability to know once you got to take a step back: actually there are situations during which the previous will tell the customer “I can't do much for you”, while the opposite will scramble to present an economic proposal.

In fact, one among the firm points that we must confine mind in our work is that program marketing may be a “pull” marketing tool, no navigator can use search engines for products and services whose existence it's not conscious of .

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Despite this necessary premise, we must consider that even in cases like these, sometimes the customer knowingly asks, within a wider marketing strategy, to be ready to assert his presence within the search engines : especially when he wishes that the presence in others media arouse interest and wish information, and thus generate online searches.

Here then that if the customer presents innovative products and services, and thus little known, an enquiry engine professional you want to ask yourself the matter of the way to intercept, within the search engines, the surfers potentially interested (“if only they knew that …”) .

From a strictly SEO point of view , the task is arduous: it doesn't make much sense to plan to generic (and perhaps competitive) keywords to possess results which will probably be seen months later. Better to only do the “homework” by creating an enquiry engine friendly site optimized on closely related keywords, albeit for now they are doing not generate traffic. once we have created what the Anglo-Saxon SEOs call “a new query space” , we'll be able to reap the advantages .

This is what happened to the present blog which (unintentionally) has positioned itself for a few time on the keyword ” social media marketing “, but only today receives traffic from it (in fact only in recent times features a “query space” been created ” in Italian too).

Using keyword advertising instead , where we've some control over the sort of campaign which will be generated, this is often relatively simple: we will identify (and publish ads for) keywords belonging to sectors almost like what we have an interest in, or terms who identify a target on the brink of what, ideally, we might wish to create.

Some time ago, within the era when this was still unknown, we advertised a course on Social Media Marketing tools for a customer , intercepting surfers trying to find training within the more traditional “Web Marketing” context with pay per click, “Internet Marketing” etc …

The overall results were just satisfactory (for this reason we started the article thereupon long premise), however we caused ten people to the course because of the Adwords campaign “by analogy”.

Finally, I means that a while ago we already addressed the subject within the article Buy keywords for similar products?

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