Search Engine Optimization- SEO “ON Page Optimization”

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January 18, 2020
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February 5, 2020
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Search Engine Optimization- SEO “ON Page Optimization”


On page optimization is that the techniques during which we do the whole thing on our website pages. While making an internet site should be program friendly. consistent with our estimate 30% of SEO work is on page optimization. The correction on design mistake and rewrite of the webpage text and meta tag is know as on page program optimization. On-page optimization involves modifying keyword frequency within the URL, Title, Headings, Hypertext Links and Body text.
Following are the parts of ON Page Optimization

(1) Content Optimization
(2) TITLE-Tag
(3) META-Tags
(4) Headlines & text decoration
(5) ALT Attributes
(6) Keep it up-to-date

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