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March 14, 2020
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The “why” of applications on Facebook

One of the main features that distinguishes Facebook and probably has partly decreed its popularity, is the presence of applications : software integrated into the platform that allow users to live playful experiences.

Many and different from each other, the applications can consist of simple quizzes or become real virtual worlds; heterogeneity made possible by the almost total freedom left to the developers.

But why do applications like them so much?

The answer is that they are engaging , feeling amplified by sharing the experience with their friends.
Opening a fortune cookie and reading what it tells you is in fact all the more beautiful when you can joke about it with your friends; improving your score in Geo Challenge is all the more rewarding when your avatar rises in the ranking up to overcoming that classmate who was so good at school; or even, a virtual world is all the more fun when it is populated by your “real” friends, with whom you find yourself interacting by exchanging gifts or comparing yourself in competitions that allow you to advance in level.

Now the question remains:

Why should brands make their own applications?

The motivations range from the more pragmatic collection of data on users who accept the application, therefore giving consent to access the information in their profile and that of their friends, to the more abstract possibility of branding and above all of building one of those spaces virtual in which to converse with the consumer-actor in order to co-create value . Of course, the latter objective will be more easily attainable if the application is consistent with the world of the brand, therefore capable of obtaining useful information from users for improvement.

Furthermore, owning an application would allow the brand to add value to its presence on Facebook by offering users one more reason to “come back to find him” and to talk about him with his friends, triggering more easily the much-loved virality , a strong point of social networks.

There are not many brands that have created their applications at the moment, they are probably approaching this world cautiously, starting to build their presence through the simplest company page.
Whatever the chosen path, from the page, to the group or to the application, the important thing is that it is undertaken following a precise communication strategy and not followed and then abandoned, causing vice versa damage to the image.

All applications are present, grouped by category, in the Facebook directory .

Have fun and one recommendation: some applications can lead to addiction 😉

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