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Web marketing for e-commerce

E-commerce is the oldest and most established form of online income on the web.

The first ecommerce were created over 15 years ago by real pioneers in the sector, which over time have seen the rules useful to make them successful ecommerce .

Web marketing, today, more than then, is the solution to make an unknown e-commerce a site that generates sales, satisfied users and loyal customers .

For this to happen, it is essential to know the basic strategies for building or commissioning a valid and fruitful web marketing campaign.

Especially in the case of online sales, it is of fundamental importance to attract a target audience who is interested in the products and ready to evaluate their purchase.

An excellent web marketing campaign must include 3 factors :

Brand and reputation

The first step is to establish what are the meanings and emotions that you want to communicate to users when they look, visit, and hear about their ecommerce site. This step is essential to stand out in the sea of offers that the web, with its enormous development, offers. Being characterized by a precise meaning, which enhances one's strengths , is the first step for commercial success on the Big Network.

Furthermore, one must absolutely work on one's reputation online . By online reputation I mean all the qualities, perceived by users, relating to ecommerce and your brand.

In online reputation, the reviews and judgments that users and customers express about the company, products and ecommerce in general are also to be considered. Generally, today, it is believed that online reputation is associated with the use of social networks only, but this is not the case. Online reputation is much more complex to manage, influence, and channel. Specialized web agencies often work hard and over time to build an excellent web reputation or improve a ruined reputation.

Online advertising

The second determining factor in a web marketing campaign for an ecommerce site is online advertising.
The objectives of advertising, in online sales, are of 3 types:

  1. make the site known to new users;
  2. acquire new customers ;
  3. bring back visitors occasional;

The majority of companies when they commission an online advertisement, they want everything immediately. But this is not possible!

Studies have shown that before making a purchase, an online user must trust the site and the company behind it, and often, before making a purchase, they return to the site several times by clicking on the advertisement. Therefore, an advertising campaign on the web must never be hit and run , but must be structured and designed to last long enough to create trust in the consumer.

Another factor to consider are the many channels that exist for advertising online, let's see the most famous:

Adwords or advertising campaigns in PPC of other search engines (Pay per Click):

This type allows you to attract target users who are looking for the product at that moment. Although the cost per visit could be higher, it is the type of advertising with the greatest economic redemption.

Banner :

Even if much less effective for the sale, a banner campaign can be useful to strengthen the brand, and to make the site known. However, economic redemption is often very low.

Price comparators :

They are sites that allow the insertion of their products within these macro ecommerce. Generally they are very visited, they also provide a good return on visits and are paid for clicks made. They are cheaper, in most sectors, than adwords advertising, but they attract users to the exclusive search for the lowest price. Therefore economic redemption must be assessed based not only on the number of sales but also on the profit margin on a single sale.

Affiliate program circuit :

This solution, very popular in the USA, is valid only for some sectors, those of electronic products, telephony, or consumer goods and where users know the product perfectly. Unfortunately, few publishers are willing to insert PPS (Pay per Sale) banners on their sites, and therefore it is a form of online advertising that rarely brings significant results.

Positioning on search engines

This factor is the most important in the long run 

The majority of entrepreneurs are convinced that good code optimization is enough to get immediately high in Google searches.
Today, page optimization is only a factor of SEO, and according to some, also the least determining factor for important results.
To get relevant results and excellent positions in Google search, you need to carry out an advanced SEO campaign. Where the basis remains the optimization of the pages, but other much more important operations are carried out:

Take advantage of the long tail

Better to be positioned in the first 3 positions of the first page of Google for a related keyword, easier to position, than in the 3rd page for a mother keyword. For example, the 3rd position for “typical Tuscan products” is better than the 3rd page for “typical products”. The second has more potential visits, but the 3rd page will not be visited at all, while the first that has fewer potential visits, with a 3rd position will give many visits to the site.

Link Building

This is the most important. On Google pages, the sites that receive the most backlinks from themed sites are at the top.
So to correctly position your ecommerce, you need to actually increase the number of links from other sites. To do this you need to contact an expert to avoid penalties from Google.

Periodic writing (at least 2-3 times a week) of texts

This is an excellent way to get appreciated by search engines. The effort is editorial and time investment, but the return could be amazing . The majority of those who start writing, unfortunately, give up too early.

An excellent way is to open a blog associated with ecommerce . Few do it, but I assure you it can create a huge advantage over others.

When an entrepreneur really wants to work through web marketing he absolutely has to work on all three factors mentioned above. Doing just a little publicity , working on SEO optimization of the site or just doing Link Building could prove to be of little use.

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